Cleveland Wall

Cleveland Wall, Editorial Board Member, is a cryptofeminist poet rumored to have done stints at UC Santa Cruz and/or San Francisco State and/or the deep well of Goddess Mythos. Recent sightings in the wilds of the Lehigh Valley suggest a penchant for manuscript wrangling and probable connection with the rogue Allentown Arts Collective. Archival footage reveals the creature to be a grainy, somewhat blurry figure. She is best recognized by her song, a warbling burblage of verse, and its accompanying gesticulations.

Cleveland Wall’s work has appeared recently in Philosophical Idiot and Indigent Press
Beloved words/phrases/linguistic phenomena: entropy, heft, akimbo (irregular verbs & adverbs in general): skullduggery, mobbèd (two syllables), than which, Phrygian cap, not least being, vivacity, louche, sixes and sevens, alchemy, gone pear-shaped, somnambulist, Imbolc, gormless, frippery, persimmons, parsimony, and persiflage, chatoyance, foxgloves
How I show love: Sometimes I don’t show love but transmit it telepathically and expect the recipient to pick it up and sometimes that works. Other times I show love by spending time and paying attention. Even introverts can be extravagant.