Kailey Tedesco:


Kailey Tedesco is a caulbearer, poet, and teacher who lives with her fiancé and two cats (Coraline and Marzipan) next to many, many trains. She likes to pretend she’s living in the same universe as Eraserhead. She currently teaches courses on the witch in literature and folklore at Moravian College and she co-advises The Laconic at Northampton Community College. She enjoys French desserts, lightly broken tea cups, and the pulpiest of V.C. Andrews novels. 


She is the author of She Used to be on a Milk Carton (April Gloaming Publishing) and These Ghosts of Mine, Siamese (Dancing Girl Press). She is the co-founding editor-in-chief of Rag Queen Periodical and an associate editor for Luna Luna Magazine. She also performs with the Poetry Brothel. Her manuscript Lizzie, Speak recently won White Stag Publishing’s full-length poetry contest, and it will be published in 2019. For more publication info, visit her rarely updated website kaileytedesco.com or follow her on social media @kaileytedesco


Some Published Work:


“the fox sisters / recipe for ectoplasm” (Grimoire Magazine)

“lizzie romantic / lizzie rheumatic” (Phoebe Journal)


“Shirley Jackson Predicted America’s Fetishization of the Murderess” (Electric Literature)


“Ma Says Monsters are Real” (Luna Luna Magazine)


She Used to be on a Milk Carton (April Gloaming Publishing) 


Words: luxe, organdy, velvet, milk, ectoplasm, leaves, coagulate, phantasmagoria, rabbit hole, dreamy, salt cellar, valentine, snarl, caul, seance. 


How I show love: I willingly sacrifice my corporeal body / life so those I love never have to feel pain. Sadly, this doesn’t always work.  


Truly, I show love by doing everything I can create spaces of safety and warmth.  


Also, if I send you a heart emoji, I mean it.