M. Perle Tahat

Co-founder/Creative Director/Web Designer

M. Perle is a PhD candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where her dissertation focuses on narratives of confinement--depictions of incarceration in popular culture, the corporatization of prisons, how incarcerated people define themselves, and the shortcomings of social supports which lead to carceral experiences.


She has graduate degrees from Kutztown University and Lehigh University. In addition to working on RQP she is the current curator/designer of TERSE. Journal. Her rising sign and sun are Aquarius and she has a Sagittarius moon and stellium (which gets her in trouble at times but is generally pleasant). Follow her on social media @mauvelandscapes and visit her webspace: mperle.com to learn more if you dare.

Recent publications:

"My Gender is the Fledgling Solo Career of Annie Lennox in the 90's" at Burning House Press


"The Radio Dept.'s 'Your True Name' and Processing Self-Love" at Entropy Mag

Words: subversion, futures, attenuate, chiaroscuro, glitter, rosegold, bubbles, abolition

How I show love: I try to understand people deeply, forgive, and find a balance between boundaries and letting things slide. Reading your astrology chart is a good indication I want to be your friend forever.