July 18, 2016

not a round ball to be ogled or handled, 
-graphed or -Shopped, lovely as the weave
of ocean, rock, and cloud appears in shots
from elsewhere. No calipers for her holy 
fertile seas, no measure useful for mountain
heart and root-hairs of her becoming.
She is birt...

June 30, 2016

Congregation talks, tosses out words, 
pretends to catch them, calls many more.
Words leap from mouth to mouth, talk rises, 
falls, words flung out into air as though air
were their only lover. Listen. Sea-sounds,
rushing resonance of histories, hush 
in sanctuary befo...

May 11, 2016

Out of the Joint till five on Work Release.
Need breakfast, can’t go home. No room 
at the counter except between two large men
with patriarchal beards. I slice myself a place,
murmur an apology and we shrink inside our bodies 
inside our parkas like yard bags tied a...

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