November 13, 2017

Saint Juliet with Starry Eyes


Maybe my poems come out
of the veins of my neck
and one day it will explode.

Sometimes I share too much.
Sometimes I don't share enough,
but doesn't that all depend 

upon what one considers
to be the deep end

or the blood bath?


July 21, 2017

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Your Fault

What do you think might happen with a man who doesn't feel

like he has enough control over his own life? He takes control

of the woman in his life. He grows increasingly drunk and angry.

He screams at the TV and sticks up for Hitler.

He yells at you...

March 24, 2017

I growl through another nightmare in the bathtub.
I give birth to more fetal flesh

then use it like shampoo for a witch.

Does this make me evil? 
Am I a bad daughter for not wanting what you want?


I don't want to give birth

to a new life form the way you gave birth to me...

December 21, 2016

My tendency to apologize when I haven't done anything wrong

other than accidentally hurting the feelings of someone

who doesn't understand my feelings.

My tendency to feel like a hissing venomous snake

when the reason I hissed is because my own space was invaded

with mouth...

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