December 17, 2018

Dear Rag Queens, 

I hope you’re all doing okay and taking care of yourselves. You are so important. 

I’ve drafted a version of this letter about ten different times now, and I think it’s best to just come out and say it: Rag Queen Periodical’s third issue (coming in Janu...

April 24, 2018

Dearest Rag Queens, 

We cannot wait to introduce you to our first issue in just a couple of weeks! While we were reading through so many gorgeous submissions, we decided it might be a good idea to bring on some extra eyes for our future issues. And what better eyes than...

October 2, 2017

HAPPY OCTOBER! I don't know about you, but this is always the most fruitful month for me, creatively <3 Here are some exciting things on the slab this month: 

1. The lovely & brilliant Rachel Roupp and I are reading (and often drooling over) our first fiction...

August 17, 2017

1. Submit your fiction

2. Place "Fiction Contest" somewhere in the subject line

3. Become eligible to win publication + a juicy interview + a Rag Queen care package full of books, self-care products, love notes, & more!! 


September 5, 2016

Mars wears fishnets, Venus

pouts a red lip before the

vanity bulbs of night.

Mercury’s all flesh in 

her pink silk dress, boasting

thigh-high side-slits -

Zip this. Zip this. 

Sun’s lacquer fingers

slide up the back of 

her neck, then linger.

In row 5-D of the moon’s

mezzanine, w...

June 19, 2016

This poem is part of an ongoing series-- Cosmic Keystones: Objects that Inform My Femininity. 

II. Gwen Stacy’s Knee Socks 

are in my back drawer, behind

a crumple of too-loose underwear. 

She left them three years ago, and I didn’t have the heart

to tell her. She never ask...

June 1, 2016




I’ve always been a fan of fairy tales and stories that incorporate the traditional hero cycle. I love the parts of Neil Gaimen’s Coraline where the protagonist must find, in classic three-beat fashion, the eyes...

November 22, 2015


I got my first period when I was just three days old.


            Of course, I didn’t know this until well after I had gotten my second, first period on February 27, 2004 (yes, I remember the date -- more on that later). Upon finding blood in my diaper, my nervous mot...

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