March 14, 2019

Welch’s & Cheese

There’s no debate at Brigham Young. Law school

— no teams, brainwashed trained tongues. Why argue what

we don’t believe? Research & ridicule,

heretics cleave divinity; rebut

His word?  Of heresy, you’ll make a club —

shy cafeteria boy forms with you.

Need oth...

February 7, 2018


The two you miss.  My raveled ribbon yanked,

dismissed. A chase to tunnels, huddled pleas

while we hug knees.  A gingham dress that flanks 

a goosebumped tease of skinny arm I squeeze.  

We hear your feet.  They pound playground,

a pack that grows discreet but c...

November 27, 2017


Begins when you are ten.  Attack, surprise, 

you can’t defend.  A friend, they say, but do

they make you bleed and want to die? Disguise 

in black your need, the stain that says you’re 


a girl that’s dead enough to grieve.  To wake 

in sheets as red a...

October 18, 2017


They bless the beast unbroken. Virgin limbs

to leather, wrists and ankles first to squeeze 

inside a strap.  Your feral glint goes dim

too quickly once you feel the trap. The pleas,

an easy emulation cover rage,

and panic, frustration.  Subdued by lash

until surrende...

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