October 6, 2016


Sean S. Baker’s 2015 street opera, Tangerine, is a tenderly woven story of trans sisterhood. Using K-Mart realism, and as many have noted, shooting the film entirely on an iPhone, Baker captures the grit of Los Angeles in a way its natives, the film’s stars, f...

September 5, 2016

A man who doesn’t steal my jokes and insights to pick up other women can get it

A man who understands male entitlement with an eye on subverting it can get it

A man who doesn’t manspread and mansplain while I’m trying to talk can get it

A man who doesn’t use his privilege...

June 19, 2016

Women have been depicted by men for eons, their nude bodies used regularly as gaze-pieces for patrons, sold for money.

Kim Kardashian recently posted a nude selfie to promote body acceptance and people went crazy. “How could SHE post a picture of her naked self?!” The t...

June 5, 2016

Janet Jackson’s work from the 90’s was undoubtedly influential to me growing up (I was born in ’87). I realize how much listening to her music and watching her dance showed me what it meant to be a woman.


Control was a record a bit before the timeline I’d like to discu...

February 17, 2016

“THE VISION OF CHRIST that thou dost see
Is my vision’s greatest enemy.
Thine has a great hook nose like thine;
Mine has a snub nose like to mine.
Thine is the Friend of all Mankind;
Mine speaks in parables to the blind.
Thine loves the same world that mine hates;

January 25, 2016

When I was 23 I went on a date with a guy in law school. That’s how I remember him.The guy in law school. He was visiting the East from California, his parents were local. We had polar lives. He went to private school and later Duke. Told me he sold insurance for a whi...

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