October 23, 2017

(Image Source: Picnic at Hanging Rock -- Photo of ants swarming pink cake)



meticulous workaholic

honest ants!

Going on your way

dedicated to the job at hand.

How you smell and follow

the one going ahead!

Your tiny venomous fangs

used to carry and amass.

Your fangs

they a...

March 14, 2017

Enslaved and imprisoned

In a body colonized

She feeds on her own beauty...

She feeds

Until she turns into a cannibal

Feeding on her own kind

Devouring herself

in her own flame of desire..

chained in the daylight by the children of gods

she nurses

the demons of her desire in the...

August 12, 2016

Sitting between the walls

Of concrete and wood

She meditates.

Her dark majesty is laden

With bond of religion-

Bangles, rings, paints and dots

Her person denied to the fresh of the world.

Even the brightest ray of light

Loses its way

Into the sanguine darkness of her heart.


March 17, 2016

There she goes

A bitch

Followed by numerous dogs

At least ten are there

No less…

Howling and growling

Quarrelsome dogs

Looking at them from the rooftop

Interesting job…

Now they bark in the gully,

The bitch, she does not bark

But coos in ecstasy.

Does she enjoy the fuss?

She lures...

March 3, 2016

The other day I was bound to take a casual leave which peeved my boss, a pot-bellied, bald-headed, round-faced gentleman, to the point that he called me in his office to give me a piece of his mind. The previous day was a no-leave-allowed day and it seemed as if my aud...

November 4, 2015



He decides

to cheat on his girl.


by the philosophical bent of his mind…

He truly believes

Polygamy is the law of nature

And it doesn’t matter


As long as he has not forsaken his girl

For this other woman

He is going to see..


She has a philosophical bent of mind to...

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