June 20, 2016


My maternal grandmother, Helen Elizabeth Porter Conway, was a kleptomaniac. For most of her life she lifted things she considered beautiful or interesting – everything from antique jewelry to library books – and she tucked them away in various nooks and crannies a...

November 28, 2015


                  Voluntary Voice:

Dearest Mother,

Why is that

Man over there trying

On a dress?


            Involuntary Body:...

November 2, 2015



My worn out Converse tapped to the beat of  “No Sleep til Brooklyn” as 180 milligrams of methadone calmly washed over me, relaxing the muscles in my face, adorning it with an artificial look of momentary peace. A loud car horn startled me, forcing me to jerk my back...

November 1, 2015




A very large percentage of our population experiences menstruation, so why is it such a touchy topic? So many people are embarrassed to talk about it and it creates shame and anxiety every month for a lot of people. Bodies are amazing and can grow another cool littl...

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