Rachel Roupp

Social Media Coordinator 

Rachel Roupp is a poet and aspiring witch from Mansfield, Pennsylvania. In addition to Rag Queen Periodical, her work has appeared in Crab Fat MagazineChantwood MagazineKomorebi Literary MagazineMind Murals, and Persephone’s Daughters. Rachel won 1st place in the 2017 EAPSU poetry contest for her poem “Seamstresses.” She was also the recipient of the 2017 Bernie Koloski Book Award for Outstanding Achievement in American Literature. Rachel is working on her MFA in Creative Writing at Chatham University. She just wants Dolly Parton to be proud of her.

Three latest publications:
“Shared Shame” in Crab Fat Magazine
“Appaloosa” in Chantwood Magazine
“Survivors’ Suffrage” in Persephone’s Daughters

Words that attract me include: 
cleave, Tuscarora, gentleness, inherently, traverse, violet, and gratitude

How I show love: I show love to people by sewing and cooking for them, giving them rides, putting emojis next to their names in my contacts, and making them playlists.