He decides

to cheat on his girl.


by the philosophical bent of his mind…

He truly believes

Polygamy is the law of nature

And it doesn’t matter


As long as he has not forsaken his girl

For this other woman

He is going to see..

She has a philosophical bent of mind too

And she has an unmixed knowledge

Of elemental passions…

She has decided

To let this man be charmed

By her loveliness.

She has decided

To drink in the nectar

Of admiration he is going to lavish on her..

Her man is away and he knows that.

And she accepts him inside

And lets him feel

The contours of her shapely image

And he swoons

In the smell of her innermost passions..

And then the end is met…

Having relieved

Himself inside her

He stands upright

Armed with the tools of language

He addresses her-

Slut, whore, prostitute

And many more

She lies there

At a loss

She hunts

For words

In all the languages she knows


That can hurt him

And shame him

With equal intensity

And she lies there at an utter loss..

He has killed her joy

And extracted

The last possible drop

Of pleasure available-

The sadistic one

And she lies there

At an utter loss

And she is sure

He has answered

a call of nature

Just like her.