My dry lips that share the story Hands shaking with human touch Sisterhood in circles, I stand by the subway wall Strangers staring and cold An unfamiliar face close to mine Her body an inch from my back Her trans body a mirror of my small frame She clings close Fear of an impulse From others' trans fear My body still curving and creaking I pin a willing submissive His eyes widening At what I can do as a he His words uttered softly You'd be the best lover in the world If you were a man My head spinning Overwork for someone I know is queer Their tests everyday As they wonder why the lack of trust Over words that I can say My body looking like the next straight clone My soul screaming queer all the way

Orla Reed is a queer poet, painter, and photographer who lives in the Southern United States. Orla is thirty-eight years old, anarchist, and an advocate for women. Orla has a bachelor's degree in writing and visual arts.