Prayer: (that we may see those for whom they are)

When I see you for what you are, I see a skeleton barren, heartless, cold— I see an outline that I filled in with a cup Yes, it was me that filled you up

I gave you a heart where a heart didn’t beat I gave you a mind—imagined and amplified— I wrote a character where no character was.

I gave your lying eyes something genuine to touch, I gave your empty words meanings by lifting them up I warmed your cold hands in the palms of my own I breathed intentional beauty in your accidental love

When I see you for what you are I see the wonderful things I have to give— the plentiful bounty of it—that I was able to give enough to assemble a human where a human never was And still I stood long enough to hold you up.

I see in so-called you the loveliness of me That I can take nothing and still leave something where it was, that I can nurture the dead so that it flowers with my love that I can see goodness even when goodness never comes.