This image was captured by Lynn Noble.

I am here, fully embracing the pain

that only comes once a month to remind me

that I am female, young and thriving.

As I approach my half century milestone,

I realize that soon I may no longer have these

bodily sensations that have been a part of me

for as long as I can remember.

As each cramp takes hold of me,

I try to savor the feeling of my youth.

As my body changes, I wonder…

Will I be as creative?

I know all to well the crazy that comes over me

as my cycle approaches.

But is it in those crazy moments that my

most creative thoughts come through?

What will happen to me as I begin to

enter into my cocoon for re-birth?

Will I come out on the other side a beautiful butterfly,

so clear in thinking that my creativity ceases?

Or, will my creativity find new ways to flutter about?

Life is always changing and everything will

come through the way it is meant to.

Different perspectives will be given to you…

Age can bring on new ways of looking at things.

You will be so amazed at your new thought processes.

All will be amazing as it happens.

#poetry #LynnNoble