The Bitch

There she goes

A bitch

Followed by numerous dogs

At least ten are there

No less…

Howling and growling

Quarrelsome dogs

Looking at them from the rooftop

Interesting job…

Now they bark in the gully,

The bitch, she does not bark

But coos in ecstasy.

Does she enjoy the fuss?

She lures the one nearest to her

It is so obvious she lures.

While the others try and touch her

And challenge a competitor…

The bitch

How she looks

Back at the dogs!

The nearest dog

Licks her rear

Is he the winner!

And look

How she moves ahead

And looks back again and again…

Oh! I am filled with disgust!

But it hardly holds a place

in the plan of the cosmos…

She has a greater motive than mine or yours…

She hunts for the superdog

And she will sure find one…

Maybe by trial and error…

#poetry #priyankapandey