Tinkerbell's Soliloquy

I want to become her... Become her moist lips and curvy body Her slick hair and perfect smile Her wit and uncanny way of making you still be in love with her. I lay in bed with you often. But you never lay with me. It's her... I'm a mannequin in your mental fantasies... You dress me like her with pale skin and long hair... 5'4 with huge breasts (I know how much that means to you) And in the midst of all of this I was in a trance Believing that your touch was for me nothing recycled or repeated... I can't believe that I got caught up in magic and fairy tales... I felt like a princess but really I was your Tinkerbell. Having me prance around you through your adventures but never receiving the love I wanted... you keep on finding Wendys but they never last.... I'll fly off to Neverland with you... lay in your huge treehouse giving you a taste of pixie dust and soft supple touches and you express interest back then reality hits and were back into the mind games you close down your thoughts and I kept wondering.... speaking in complete pantanmines because my words don't affect you anymore. until i was proven right and my words spoke much louder I'm tired of chasing boys who not willing to grow up and be men. I'm cutting off my wings, finally! walking on the solid ground feels so much more real than this and you can keep the pixie dust... that's the last piece of me you'll ever have

"you know that place between sleep & awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming. That's where I will love you, That's where I'll be waiting"-Tinkerbell

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