The Planets Star in a Burlesque


Mars wears fishnets, Venus

pouts a red lip before the

vanity bulbs of night.


Mercury’s all flesh in 

her pink silk dress, boasting

thigh-high side-slits -


Zip this. Zip this. 

Sun’s lacquer fingers

slide up the back of 


her neck, then linger.

In row 5-D of the moon’s

mezzanine, we can see


her, sequin gowned

Allez up! and drapes the 

dark in her gold chiffon. 


Neptune milks ‘em 

with tassels swing, 

swing swinging so close 


You see perfume smoke:

A showstopper, spotlight

ballyhoo follows Mars’


boa, calls us rovers, belts out 

over sax thunder booming do-

da-do-da- oh!


A drumroll from the clouds

before Venus cries out -

a beat: And Earth quakes. 

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