IM Perfection

Pictured: Niki Elizabeth reading her poetry.

“Wear the blue dress -

the low cut one

that shows off your tits.”

Why is it always about my curves?

Maybe I want to show off the color of my eyes,

Or the glow of my skin after spending a day in the sun.

“Cover yourself up -

how dare you go out like that.”

Why is showing skin seen as promiscuity?

Maybe it’s hot out

and I just want to feel comfortable

Or I am proud

that I have finally learned how to love my body.

A trait once almost stolen from me.

Since when did I give permission to judge me?

To label and belittle me?

Why does what I wear bother you so?

Once I used to listen,

let others decide who I appeared to be;

even lost myself in the process.

But that was never me -

You fell for a short short wearing,

no fucks giving,

blue lipsticked, messy girl

with even messier hair.

So why keep trying to change me?

Can’t you just be happy with me?

…I sure am.

#poetry #NikiElizabeth