I Heard They Make Cyborgs Here

I heard they made cyborgs here

contradictory creatures

based in organic and mechanical life.

I sign up, and they strap me down.

Away I go.

They graft expectations onto me


cooking utensils

childcare software

computing capabilities for compassion

Why do I need all of this?

I inquire

Desire need not launch at 3:50 today.

I had these features already

On par with everyone else.

They laugh. Oh, they laugh.

You don’t have these features

They assure me.

I am finished.

I can cook, and clean, and “listen” empathetically

Via my new antenna that supposedly is more


I look at my colleagues and friends

What about them?

Oh, they report, they come standardly equipped

With all the features of basic home economics.

Oh, so they are superior? I asked confused.

No, they report. It is a design flaw.

They are destined for one function.

Part of their biological programming.

Can you give them what I have?

I wonder.


The conveyer belts run, and justifies whatever it is these inventors


This makes no sense, I report.

I snap my antenna

rip off the metal plates.

I never needed these things.

They shake their heads.

Boys will be boys is what the report reads.

Wesley Bishop is a PhD student in American history at Purdue University where he studies the Gilded Age and Progressive Era, the US labor movement, and the history of social reform. His writings have appeared at Lehigh Valley Vanguard, Jacobin, The Socialist Worker, and Literary Orphans. He is a campus organizer with the Purdue Social Justice Coalition and lives in West Lafayette, Indiana with his partner Allison.

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