A 1996 Sister Carrie



After Theodore Dreiser


Because Carrie’s mouth

clove cigarettes,

holed cords, converse all-stars

a horse tranquilizer dream for days


Blur pounds the scalp

swinging disc man

a Bolinas girl

a no clack hippie


Inside panting the sunken and the dead

Irving Plaza forever light show

waist length Janis Joplin hair


The billowing, the linger, the fullness

heave a torso onto a springy mattress

it was soft Carrie

no one could strangle a flannel better


Your piercing Tim Burton giggle

of course you know having a silver rod for a tongue

ring is a permanent cock and balls in your mouth, right?

the therapist smirked



The cab never came

the German posers who stole a purse

thank the twenty-four hour French roast,

thank Pac Sun and mood rings


I like just the right amount

of plague in a girl

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