Blind Séance Sears

Disordered blind seer’s sight: meaningless pen scribblings and cave scratching shredding all material gains & guns to nothing, the bright sun rises & the black morningstar also sets, one occasionally forgets the equivalence of swords & vanishing Incan ink until it’s almost too late for time. Apocalyllipsis, singularities, glossolalia, catatonic Pizarnik whispers on poiesis’ OD. Logical atomism splits. Archetypical seers scatter away fear with her hallucinogenic visions & delusions of grandeur, channeling that novel piece of tribal psychosis inherent in the freed automaton’s compulsive need to create.

Rose Knapp is a poet, producer, and multimedia artist. She has publications in Chicago Literati, Visitant, BlazeVOX, Bombay Gin, Para·Text, and others.​

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