Seasonal Hypnosis

“Now, begin counting backwards from 10 to 1 and just relax.”

The stench of depression and anxiety permeates from the leather couch I am laying on.

The temperature in the room quickly plummets and it turns to Winter.

We cannot find a pulse!

Men and women in blue uniforms scramble,

As I pick at my cuticles until they bleed.

Neighbors gather like vultures that can smell impending death.

Sirens pierce my ear drums and I press my hands over my ears.

I just stare down at the tips of my dirty Converse high tops.

We are losing her!

I wrap my frigid arms around my knees and sway back and forth.

Snowflakes fall silently and blanket the hysteria in my driveway.

The swirling red lights reflecting off the sidewalk make my head spin.

I hear fingers snap and my skin begins to thaw.

I stare in confusion at the mahogany ceiling tiles and the snow is melted.

I walk out of the office with a bottle filled with tiny white pills,

And a promise that I will only be able to recall, Spring, Summer, and Fall.

#poetry #hysteria