Enslaved and imprisoned

In a body colonized

She feeds on her own beauty...

She feeds

Until she turns into a cannibal

Feeding on her own kind

Devouring herself

in her own flame of desire..

chained in the daylight by the children of gods

she nurses

the demons of her desire in the dark...

to keep them alive.

The demons are vital

Saviours of darkness

They save her from the burning coldness of the daylight.

She moves about the world

In that colonized body

The gods of the world

Judging her every move

Glaring at her every single act

Carefully she moves about the day

Until the night falls.

And the demons wake up

The wild demons of her heart.

They want to breath

They want to run

Her demons need space, she needs to reclaim her space...

She wanders away, leaving the body

The colonized one

Dead on the cot.

They had colonized the body, the gods of the world.

Demons freed her mind

Now let loose, she wanders away in the night.

Oh the night is beautiful!

Much more beautiful than the haunting daylight.

The moon smiles on her wandering wild head

The breeze directs her

To some enchanted orchard of thoughts

The river glistens with sparkling moonlight

The stars shine and the fireflies embellish the bushes and the trees...

Oh the cruel gods of the world!

How much had they robbed from her!

The beauty and the wilderness.. they robbed all

And chained her to the walls they called home.

But her demons rescued her.. her cherished wild demons...

And oh the beautiful night!

But wait! Who comes here

The gods of the day

They keep night watch too..

Scare them, scare them away

The night is yours


Let your demons loose on these keepers of the days.

But they are strong

These keepers of the day

They chase away her wild thoughts into her colonized body again.

Oh Rokurokubi!

There will be night again

Come again with stronger demons

The keepers of the day

Will stop you in the day

But the night will be yours

Oh Rokurokubi!

#priyankapandey #poetry