Postpartum Flight

Birds chirped inside of my brain.

Spring was rapidly approaching,

But the incessant noise was slowly driving me into madness.

My decent into hysteria was ushered by the thought

Of these winged creatures pecking away at my memories,

Until I was left only with a stranger’s reflection.

This woman, with deep purple rings encircling her eyes-

This woman whose belly was swollen just one month earlier,

Clutches her cavernous abdomen,

trying to recall that fleeting moment of joy.

The birds now scream and the torturous sound resonates through

Every empty space she has cleared cobwebs from.

Infant lies silent in a crib.

She watches helplessly as feathers fall from the cracked ceiling tiles,

Blanketing her, until her tiny body is buried.

These creatures burst through cracked windows.

They erupt from half-ajar closets,

Seeping through crevices in her walls.

She cowers in a shadowy corner, engulfed.

Terrified, she races to where her child was resting

And watches as they lift her into a blackened sky,

A place she knows she can never reach.

She looms at the barred window,

As pills jaggedly make their way down her dry throat,

She waits for the birds to return

and take her away.

#CatherineJMahony #poetry