Three Poems by Sarah Nichols




Blood, Treading


Blood began

glittering red

throbbing book


My eleven body

caught out

flicked a switch


I guess I must know

about things



Pieces in a jigsaw,




Source: King, Stephen. The Shining. New York: Signet, 1977.




Welcome to Hard Times


Can I tell you about the time

I spent my thirtieth birthday


in the bughouse ?


Some kind of a nervous breakdown.


Bills and death on the end 

of a phone call.


Person to person.


Hospital whites, but it

was fine. 


My mother and sister

brought cake to the


long plastic day room.


I wore designer shoes.


My proof that I was 


(never never never)





Source: King, Stephen. The Shining. New York: Signet, 1977. Print.







Adult Thoughts (A Sort of Sonnet)


1. Let's tell the truth here. 2. I'm really not alright. 3. I'm

alone. 4. The way things are and the way things should be

hardly get together. 5. Good people die in bad, painful ways.

6. There are things no one can explain. 7. You’re not a 

kid anymore. 8. Everything will be fine, just fine. 9. Do you

really think so ? 10. Worry crosses state lines. 11. There will be

other books. 12. The taste of great American writing 

makes me sick. 13. How many times, over how many years, have I

asked for the mercy of a second chance ? 14. I’ve seen 




Source: King, Stephen. The Shining. New York: Signet, 1977. Print



Sarah Nichols lives and writes in Connecticut. She is the author of four chapbooks, including Dreamland for Keeps (forthcoming, Porkbelly Press, 2018) and She May Be a Saint (Hermeneutic Chaos Press, 2016). Her work has also appeared in Queen of Cups, Rogue Agent, and The RS 500.

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