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Birth Control: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Cry Face

The topic of birth control has been a point of controversy since its inception. Sylvia Plath’s seminal roman a clef, The Bell Jar, perfectly summed up the paradox of female contraceptives in 1963. They are so necessary for health, so crucial to equality, and yet often the cause of scorn, degradation, & suffering for women. Unfortunately, not much has changed since then…

My personal experiences with birth control pills were traumatic. I was able to afford only generic brand pills on my insurance plan, and I was then sent into a year and a half of slowly building anxiety and depression that culminated in a nervous breakdown and some major hair loss at the age of 21. I searched and searched for others who had experienced the same, and found very, very little. I thought I was the problem. I became demure about my own experience. I suffered quietly.

Not anymore.

Now, more than ever, honest discourse surrounding female contraceptives is of the utmost importance. It is certainly an act of tyranny to deny or hinder women from receiving contraceptives. It is also an act of tyranny to supply women with options that are harmful, not properly tested, and often recalled. We deserve better.

I would like to know your experiences with birth control, for those who are comfortable enough to share. I want to hear methods that work, whether they are prescribed or holistic. Tell us what you’ve been through, what you love, what you’d change. Tell us what advice you’d have for women about to start birth control for the first time. Tell us what it does to your body. Tell us the nuanced stories of female contraceptives and tell us the taboo.

We accept personal essays, listicles, prose, poetry, comics, graphics, etc. And, as always, we accept papers that are not related to our CFP as well. I look forward to hearing from you this June.

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