Two Poems by Courtney Gambrell




The interior of anything

Factions of ova unite in the galaxy



Colonies of ants

Are feminine. The battlegrounds and

Factories maintained only by the Queen’s daughters

This femme place called, “Home”




This exterior womb place

Chambers of honeycomb

Mother’s quarters

Locus of Control

This is not a feminist poem

But rather a metaphysical bearing of breasts

This is an apology to every slut-shamed girl victimized for responding to her biological lusts

And a eulogy to the males congratulated for their sexual awakening

To the girls who are taught to hide her desire beneath ankle-scraping skirts

This is a validation of the double standards enacted by religious institutions

This is a middle finger extended from a feminine hand

A phallic symbol, air-fucking gender roles

This is a coup d’état

Not a Suffragist movement

Courtney enjoys conveying her ideas and experiences through poetic verse. She often reads her work in Philadelphia, PA, where she endeavors to use poetry for self-awareness and advocacy. Her work is inherently feminine and seeks to address her long-standing questions about the meaning of womanhood in today’s society. Courtney is passionate about juxtaposing feminist and environmental themes.