Three Poems by Joanne Leva














Eve Is an Echo


Offers to tell

for the hundredth time

the story of the lazy apple.


Plays the game

of telling and retelling

the tale of the Great Bungle.


Amuses herself

by keeping

an enormous chronicle.


Insists on leaving

the temporary oasis

by walking backwards.



Eve Pounds Keys


Eve pounds keys

at the typewriter


until a wave of nausea

washes over her.


Young Cain looks

at the pounding


with fascination

a dozen times a day.


A large ivy-covered

water tower, terraced into


one side of the mountain,

is used for rural broadcasting


and amateur radio






Eve is up

to her neck

in curses.


She calls on desire

and gets no response.

Eve senses


her Goddess passing.

Could be the last

of the human race.



Author of Eve Would Know (2017), published by Kelsay Books, Joanne Leva is founder of the Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program and Tekpoet, an online poetry manuscript services company. Leva's poems have been published in The American Poetry Review, Peace is a Haiku Song (The Foundry Books), 50 Over Fifty (PS Books), and Schuylkill Valley Journal, among others.





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