October at Rag Queen Periodical

HAPPY OCTOBER! I don't know about you, but this is always the most fruitful month for me, creatively <3 Here are some exciting things on the slab this month:

1. The lovely & brilliant Rachel Roupp and I are reading (and often drooling over) our first fiction contest submissions! We hope to announce the winner and finalists by the middle of this month. Stay tuned!

2. We are always accepting submissions of all kinds. No themes this month. No CFP. Though, we would love to see some thematically grotesque and/or spooky pieces for October.

3. This is not RQP related as much as it's THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD related, but please donate to help Puerto Rico. They really need our money and our empathy and love. AND, if you do donate, please submit to us with "I DONATED" in the subject line and we will send you a response within 24 hours. The same goes for blood donations -- please give blood if you are able!

4. After popular demand (which is cool to say!), we will be sending out a newsletter to Rag Queens all across the land in the very near future. We were just listed on Entropy Magazine's list of "Where to Submit" which is also pretty darn rad.

5. Finally! We know how misogynistic/insenstive Halloween costumes & the Halloween enterprise can be (which is lame-o because Halloween is great). Our EIC worked at a Halloween store for three years & must have sold a thousand "General Lee Hot" costumes (like what does that even mean?). So, if you have a super cool and creative costume this year, SEND US PICS! We will post on our site at the end of the month!!

Thank you all for your love, talent, & support <3 We can't wait to see where this month takes us!

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