Ants by Priyanka Pandey

(Image Source: Picnic at Hanging Rock -- Photo of ants swarming pink cake)



meticulous workaholic

honest ants!

Going on your way

dedicated to the job at hand.

How you smell and follow

the one going ahead!

Your tiny venomous fangs

used to carry and amass.

Your fangs

they are capable of much more

than that.

But you are content.

Going your way.

Even if I disturb

your plans for life.

Even if I spill water

by your way.

Yes I can do that.

And now many of your friends

Spilled away in water

drowned and collapsed.

Leaving the task at hand


Will they be forgotten too?

Oh look! Again you came

and made your way.

Avoiding the scene of death

you are on your way again.

Whispering to one another,

smelling the one going ahead.

What task do you accomplish thus?

Amassing food, mating

Producing more ants!

You could bite me with those little fangs.

And make me scarlet all over.

Ill and scarlet

so I would not spill water on your plans again.

But you choose to go on your way.

And your friends

they died not a moment ago!

Shame on you


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