Two Poems by Ariel Clark-Semyck

transfiguration of the part-time girl

ah the grotesque

glamor of being a creature

spending the days alone scuttling around the apartment

catching up on medications

subsisting on coffee & canned beans

browsing new shower curtains online

the comfort is crushing the opposite end of the sofa

closing in like the spring-loaded bar of a trap

when i finally leave again i comb my hair tuck the rat's tail into my skirt

but i can smell that carcass

festering under all my clothes

baroque period

feelings sound dumb when

i explain them aloud besides

i'm too busy hemorrhaging

through my underwear today

spending 20 dollars on menstrual cups

when i'm this broke is a cardinal sin

with each new week of void-sitting

i look more & more like a cherub

my rosy baby body keeps congealing

& i allow it i allow it to

scrape across the bed like

strawberry jam on toast

but in all sincerity

do you want to know

the real secret to staying the softest girl?

scald yourself in the shower multiple times per day

never let anything that hurts leave you alone

Ariel Clark-Semyck is a graduate from the University of Notre Dame. She lives in Chicago where she serves as a part-time henchwoman for various places of business. Her poems and reviews have been published in or are forthcoming in Dream Pop Journal, Witch Craft Magazine, The Nottingham Review, Third Coast Review, and Re:Visions.

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