"An Impromptu Visit" by Stallion Dunquis

Still from House (1977)

“An Impromptu Visit”

Menacing space witch clad in barbed leather,

Jaw clenched, with orange eyes that shimmer and stab,

Chilled veins, and hair like a bouquet of feathers—

She broods on nightmares. Her bed’s a concrete slab

Now that she fears sleeping; she writes instead,

And knives remind me of her fountain pen.

She scribbles furiously: A baby, well-fed,

Dressed in striped pajamas, crawls to her den

Drooling, burping, rolling… seeking his mother.

Suddenly, her blood’s thawed!—a bold heartbeat

Announces this lost love that would smother

Every lamppost flooding her lonely street.

She’d forever walk in darkness for this—

An impromptu visit… her child’s kiss…

Stallion Dunquis a poet & modern troubadour based in New York City and Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic.

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