"urcupoft" by Chloe Lane














sit like a lady

be polite

have your cake and eat it too

but my red velvet 

is too rich

for your cup of tea

your cup of

legs crossed

black widow weaving an elegant cage


like your favorite lady

that I am not

your cup of

lips swollen shut

bones drawn with chalk

jutting out

from a scooped neck


draped in pomegranate sangfroid

manic cigarette terror


between gangly legs

a cup of balancing gold


don’t cry

best behavior now


knees are made for scuffing, aren’t they?

you stretch 

your arms 

and so spread 

my ashes 

on the floor of 

your apartment

and i’m sorry you saw 

my vomit in your sink

but this red velvet is too rich for your cup of tea

and at last

the cup you were drinking from

was in fact drinking you

leaving the flicker within me

to burn holes in my chest

and scent my hair with smoke

hotter than hell

i am the witch you burned at the stake

while you kissed these swollen lips with contempt

my voice has always been in my throat

what i haven’t found is the strength to dig 

it out of the ashes

and chisel away 

at your skin

not so hard 


you’re killing me


i watched myself melt

into tears of exhaustion and of ecstasy 

My biggest fits were evaporated

a disposable testimony

no louder than a tea kettle hiss









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