Artist of the Month: December

Meet Lily!

Lily Bell resides in Seattle and is an artist, poet, and singer/songwriter for Aquamarine Space Unicorns. Her works have been featured in Moonchild Magazine and Rag Queen Periodical and will be featured in The Rumpus-Spotlight. A survivor of domestic violence, Lily turned to art as a means of therapy, creating. drawings, paintings, and music to express emotion throughout the healing process. Her goal is to provide a message of resilience and hope to other survivors of abuse, violence, and oppression.

You can follow her on Twitter at @Lily_Bell82, Facebook/Instagram @LilyBell82, her blog at and view selected artwork at

A poem of Lily's can be found here.

Over the next month, Lily's artwork will be featured on our site, accompanying writing. If you'd like to be considered for an artist of the month residency with Rag Queen, please email us a sample of your work and a short statement explaining how your artwork would be a great fit for our aesthetic and mission:

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