"Girl with Hoop" by Matthew Woodman

 Art by Lily Bell




Girl with Hoop

   (after Rufino Tamayo’s Niña con aro, 1932)


O sailor where the sea


sidewalk cloud-colored

feet shod leather black


circumference gold


I still dream of diving

of stepping through 

and finding myself

a sky to wear 

               I would 

tie the wind about 

my throat 


ports of call 


myself to no mast

but mine 

               I would 

solve the equation if y

be land-locked 

if the sum be shanty


see I unmoored

unlinked      unchained






Matthew Woodman teaches writing at California State University, Bakersfield and is the founding editor of Rabid Oak. His poems appear in recent issues of Sonora Review, Puerto del Sol, Oxidant/Engine, The Wanderer, and The Meadow, and more of his writing can be found at www.matthewwoodman.com.


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