"don't make me be the monster" by Linda M. Crate

Art by Lily Bell

don't make me be the monster

"we want something more than anger"

but sometimes that's all i feel

rage runs deep within me just as my love does

perhaps i don't quite articulate myself

like a lady

when it comes to everything that enrages me,

and i won't apologize for that;

you should issue an apology for asking me to be

anyone but me—

i am a beauty and magic all my own

will burn through anyone with my dreams should they

think there's no consequence for crossing me

i am not your doormat

you're not going to walk all over me

all my life they've tried to tame me and tell me

how i should be

some have even insisted how i should write

insisting that my ideas were bad, stupid, or too


well screw you—

and no, darling, that wasn't an offer

because i could do much better;

my point is you're never going to chain or snare me

or put me in a cage

my father tried once to pull me away from the clouds

got a nasty cut from my talons across his heart

he knows now not to cross me

because i am not some rabbit hearted girl

there's always a fire burning

intense and passionate i am the war ready raven

don't make me take your eyes and feed your heart to the foxes.

Linda M. Crate's works have been published in numerous anthologies and magazines both print and online. She is a two-time push cart nominee and the author of four published chapbooks. The latest book of poetry being My Wings Were Made to Fly. (Flutter Press, September 2017).

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