Welcome January Artist of the Month: Valerie Chamberlain

Valerie Chamberlain is a writer and educator based in Reading, PA. She has been writing and painting since she was a young child. Her poetry has appeared in Rag Queen Periodical and Lehigh Valley Vanguard. She currently teaches 6th Grade Language Arts in the Reading School District.

Valerie holds a B.A. in Literature and an M.Ed. in Secondary Education. Her studies have focused on proletarian literature, literary theory, urban education, and restorative practice. Her next educational endeavor will focus on the influence of trauma on a child’s education. Her dream is to one day create an educational center that provides academic and social supports for homeless youth.

Valerie’s art is much like her poetry— its focus is in deconstructing the norms of language and images. With influences from both parietal art and theorists like Jacques Derrida, Valerie aims to create images reminiscent of our childhood experiences of the world. Our first impressions of the world are, in her opinion, more authentic than our adult perceptions, which are filtered and censored through our education and socialization.

Look out for Valerie's beautiful art paired with our literary pieces throughout the month of January! If you're interested in being featured as a future artist of the month, please e-mail ragqueenperiodical@gmail.com with a bio and a sample of your work.

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