Period Poem by Katie Lewington

Art by Valerie Chamberlain

Period Poem

i call you a drama queen

'cause you yelled

you're bleeding

when i was absorbed in reading a book

on the bed

i say you only care about your mattress

which isn't really fair

'cause you're better

at handling my period

than i am

i can't even say

the words period

and blood

without feeling sick

a dread

as if maybe i am the wrong gender

like i wish i could be buying these for my partner

and not for myself.

Born with a pen in her hand, Katie Lewington has continued to write since the year dot, and develop her unique style of writing. She has self-published several chapbooks of poetry on her travels, experiences of love, and humorous food themed pieces too. She works on her blog The Poetry Hub reviewing books, sharing poetry, and interviewing writers. She likes to engage with other writers and bibliophiles through social media.

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