Poetry by M. Stone

Art by Valerie Chamberlain

The Privilege of Right Mind

My phone emits a pleasant chime

a daily reminder to take my pill

No longer do I flail against the label

prime candidate for lifetime medication

I learned there are far worse things

than admitting illness the dishwater tinge

seeping into my vision the melted lead

heaviness of my limbs and a sense

of time spinning like an old radio dial

static bursts then the strange gleam

of a decade from childhood from before

my birth

M. Stone is a bookworm, birdwatcher, and stargazer who writes poetry and fiction while living in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in San Pedro River Review, SOFTBLOW, Calamus Journal, and numerous other print and online journals. She can be reached atwritermstone.wordpress.com.

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