Poetry by Claire L. Smith


Pretty petaled roses,

Soft like a dream.

Wafting a sickly, sweet high,

A wearable drug.

Plastic and shiny,

Malibu barbie,

Legs for days

and a face like a dame.

Pretty hurts and the world makes my eyes bleed.

Magazines are torture devices,

Models are mannequins,

And my skin burns from their cream.

Bleach my mind until my hair glows,

Blunt my face to fix my nose.

A pretty face is a burden,

But an ugly mug is a death wish.

The embarrassment burns my chest,

I’ll cover it with silicone.

Pucker up my lips for another pair,

To kiss the boys that never cared.

CLAIRE L. SMITH is an author, poet and artist. Her fiction and poetry have been featured in Luna Luna Magazine, MookyChick, Moonchild Magazine, Peculiars Magazine, Death and The Maiden, Anti-Heroin Chic and Horror Scribes. Smith also serves as a Representative for SPREADING THE LOVE, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to spreading awareness about bullying, mental illness and suicide.

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