Issue 2 Special Guest Editor: Arielle Tipa

Dearest Rag Queens,

We cannot wait to introduce you to our first issue in just a couple of weeks! While we were reading through so many gorgeous submissions, we decided it might be a good idea to bring on some extra eyes for our future issues. And what better eyes than the all-seeing "eye" herself, Arielle Tipa of OCCULUM! She's basically a literary celeb, and the great news is, she'll be helping us read your poetry submissions for Issue 2! Get to know a little more about Arielle here:

Arielle Tipa is a writer and poet who lives near a haunted lake in New York. She earned her A.A. in Journalism from Suffolk County Community College in 2012, and later her B.A. in Comparative Literature and English in 2015 from Stony Brook University, where her research project was overseen and mentored by literary folklorist Ruth B. Bottigheimer. She is the founding editor of Occulum.

Arielle's work is inspired by illusion, bodies and nature, and identity, among other things. At times, she incorporates elements and inspiration from mysticism and classic cinema.

As far as the types of work she enjoys reading, Arielle tends to gravitate towards the odd and unconventionally beautiful, often times prose and poetry that manipulates form and language.

Her debut chapbook, daughter - seed, is set to release this winter from Empty Set Press.


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i'm painting a hatred of you

the circumference of salt

Secondhand Haunted Macaroni Necklace

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