Artist Feature: Brittany Brown

I am mesmerized by what people are capable of doing when the odds are set against them. My art has always come from a deep impulse to reposition my own sadness; to dig a new hole for placing my own struggles with anxiety and depression. My outlet seeks to expose them without devaluing their presence in my life; by shining light on something dark and heavy. Many of my photographs act as markers; days where I feel okay and days where I feel less so. I often use myself as my subject. The body that I occupy being something that I need to learn more about. What dulls me and what makes me shine? What have I noticed that nobody else has?What is mirroring me and my mood, making me see it in a magical or dark light? My sense of humor and ability to find cheer in things that scare or depress me is also a source of inspiration to me. Without that discerning eye for seeing myself objectively, I don’t think I could be as creatively imploring of myself.

My feelings are rooted deep within everything that I create; since they are often overwhelmingly inescapable. I am inspired by all that is secretive, oddly placed, witchy, esoteric, mournful and feminine. The ties between the demonic and sexual are vastly interesting to me. Things that are grotesque and beautiful in the same breath. The way someone’s sweat can make you wild and aroused. I love the earnestness of love in its rawest form, how we bask in the smells and fluids of our selves and those we have connected to in impassioned throes. The feelings behind the chaos of exposing ourselves; be it self loathing or bordering obsession. The body and its many flaws and how we choose to view them. I explore many of these feelings and themes in both my writing and my art.