"Celexa in the mail, Digging holes in the Sun" by Carla Smith

a sun-kissed trailer in the foothills

pale blue panels made of tin--

galvanized and scorching,

sweet summer

wind and sweat

you foiled the windows

to cover crystal fires,

illuminated stove tops,

illicit men

sweat simmers

bubbled flesh

in order to see something

you gotta taste it

so you smoked them down

like a freight train,

throats retching

in the heat of the night

open up wide enough

and the beast will spring,

it hangs on its hinges

slick-- wet-- angry

hankering for

an ugly feeling

Carla Smith received her bachelor's degree in English from the University of Montevallo. She now lives in Siheung-Si, South Korea where she works as an ESL instructor. She spends her free time eating tteokbokki and exploring the Korean countryside. Her poem has been published in Five:2:One Magazine’s The Slide Show.