"mythmaking" by Lara Grauerholz-Fisher

i mythmake myself out of my body,

write myself ghostly and etherealized

like the last crown of light in the dusk.

i am anywhere there is air, sharp.

i am anywhere there is space, cold.

i am made up of nothingness,

slipping through fingers, sunlight;

drafting through rooms, threadbare.

i make myths out of my body,

translate flesh and bone and ache into allegory;

the alchemy of self-sublimation.

i turn my head lofty and disdainful,

i turn my hands trickster, fool, and changeling,

i turn myself as twins, or prince, or bird,

sometimes witch or queen or knight,

sometimes sun and stars and moon.

but who am i when all that’s left of me are these?

when i have cast my glamour with a turn of phrase

and left the hollow core?

and who am i when they come to mistake me

and i have violets in my mouth, not words?

Lara Grauerholz-Fisher is a Gemini with ADHD, which manages to sneak into everything that she writes. Her poetry has previously been featured by Bottlecap Press. You can find her on Tumblr and Twitter at @alouettesque.