1 Poem by Allison Armstrong



My Body is a Spell


My body is a spell

I cast on myself

a magic of muscle and bone

tendon and intention

rough and raw as moldavite

fresh dug from river basin


Magic isn’t always moonlight

salt circles

spill of menstrual blood and

still-warm egg

buried in turned earth


Magic is lying supine

one leg lifted

heel towards the ceiling

adductor tendon


under strain


Magic is my toes

becoming prayer beads

while my thighs tremble and

I gasp out affirmations

Repeat them

three times three

the magical number

I count on my outbreaths

forcing myself to slow down

breathe deep

relax into gravity’s cradle


Magic is the water on stone

process of sculpting

new truths of flesh and neurons

Teaching my body to trust


teaching my brain to trust

anything at all




Allison Armstrong is a queer, polyamourous leather femme, a kitchen witch, and a Professional Naked Girl, living on unceded Algonquin territory in Ottawa. She has been published by Hyacinth Noir, Cuir & Queer press, Coven Editions, Bywords.ca, and Venus in Scorpio. Follow her on twitter @amazon_syren.


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