1 Poem by Sara Martin

I want to let it rest

I won third place for baking an apple pie and my name was in the newspaper

It looked misunderstood and

it smelt like cold butter

we are known for our fruit.

me, and my girls.

I made lemon butterfly cupcakes that went back and forth

Mama said take care of them

faking lemon felt like taking the woman

with the blonde hair

mixing her with heavy boys full of milk

that pour through the center of aluminium bowls

like these.

I’d rather just take the lemon with my hands

lemon zests that fall on breasts

and flirt with nature.

Chivomengro, Eber & WeinSea Foam Mag, Alien MouthHellscape Press, Breadcrumbs MagazineSara Martin is a young lady poet and will be getting her MFA in Poetry at NYU come fall. Her work has appeared in , , , and other miscellaneous places. You can find her on Twitter as @thekitteninme and on Instagram as @sara.i.think