Artist Feature: Steph Coathupe

Artist Statement: I'm a freelance illustrator based in Manchester, UK. I graduated from Manchester School of Art with a degree in Illustration in 2014, and now I live in a little flat with my cat, Noodle, and my partner, Vic. I specialize in editorial for magazines, newspapers etc, but I enjoy getting involved in all sorts of projects. I love solving problems visually, by communicating ideas with puns and details, so editorial work is great fun. My process starts by reading through the text and pulling out the main themes and ideas, then seeing how I can balance them out against each other to illustrate what the text is saying without being too objective. This involves lots of scribbly sketches and word association. I have a propensity to overthink things, so the tight deadline of an editorial brief really helps me make decisions. I'm currently working on a self-directed project where I try to illustrate a guardian article every day for a month. I've missed a few days due to client work etc, but it's been really fun so far and I've learned a lot! You can check out my work so far at @stephcoathupe on Instagram.