2 Poems by Lydia Friedman

The Androgyne

How bright a star they are

Pale and gleaming

A knife held to the night’s throat

Are you ready to slit open the night?

Are you ready to see what’s inside?

(Maybe more stars,

maybe nothing)

Are you ready to carve a dwelling for yourself

in the dark Cheshire smile of the heavens?

They tread with careful angel-feet

The sky softens at their touch

They are a silver bullet

They are a bloodstain of bravery

Venus & Mars yearn to kiss:

the androgyne is the child of their sigh

Venus & Mars embrace:

the androgyne is the sum of their heat,

the difference of their coldness

Venus & Mars join hands and dance:

the androgyne is the harmony of their steps

Venus & Mars burn, two hearts on fire:

the androgyne is the ash & the smoke of their communion

The universe is an equation

Earth + sky + space

You are one of many answers

Are you ready to sail the sea of stars

the sea of hidden numbers

the sea of sleep & soft light

the sea of dark blue love?

Whilst This Machine Is To Her

meat puppet

beast of clockwork and flesh

contraption held together by string and skin

a sculpture that only needs a man to chisel his name into it

ill-fitting suit

condemned building

clothes rack

a word in a man’s dictionary

God’s golem

phobic robot

Ellis Island for germs

holy vaginal temple of the sacred phallus

a country whose main exports are babies and blood

doesn’t matter what you call it: the rent’s too high either way

museum of past lovers

Alcatraz in miniature

temporary detention center for the soul


a man’s failed Pygmalion fantasy

a whip in the form of a woman

Lydia Friedman once went on a blind date with a marble statue in Vienna. They live in New England. www.crookedbutinteresting.wordpress.com