Poetry and Art by Haley Jenkins


My mum does

pull me

a gentle slab

up into the garden.

I feel it all in side glances

as I trip over clay cast-off eyes

lots of eyes grow-alike

growing alike as my mum’s hands

pulled me from the harbour

the please before the toss

pulled me from the harbour

wrestled me to the bindweed

and the brambles all waiting.

Pouted lip.

I am not destined to build the eden

or mark the path that leads to the house

so keep pulling me

I hold her face, a different hemisphere

lead me beyond the honeysuckled

sucked, shaped for pillowed exotics

you should take them and

give your young hands work to do.

My mum has piled

the wheelbarrow with brick

I want a


Big mama hen. Baba yaga.

A persuasive tongue

driving all the brown back

I collect in my hands

shrug and billow at

my magnet mother

who gets her hands dirty

and licks honey off spoons.

Come and uproot unsplintering

she holds me

all around

my body.

I might like that.

But shove back in bed, I’m still asleep

in my dream system

it’s just the wild sound you see

of mum’s bone erosion.

Haley Jenkins holds a Creative Writing Master's Degree from The University of Surrey and a Creative Writing Bachelor's Degree from The University of Roehampton. In 2016, Haley was awarded First Prize in the Elmbridge Literary Competition for her short story 'Talisman' and in 2014 won 3rd Prize in the Hopkins Poetry Prize. She has been published in two anthologies by Fincham Press - The Trouble with Parallel Universes (2014) and Screams & Silences (2015), as well as publications such as, Guttural Magazine, Tears in the Fence, painted spoken and The Journal of British & Irish Innovative Poetry. Her work has also appeared in online zines such as datableedzine, epizootics and ez.Pzine (Pyre Publishing). Haley's first poetry chapbook was published by Veer Books (August 2017). She also runs Selcouth Station Press.